Carl Sagan´s Guide to fake news: The story behind the headline “Jupiter has liquid metallic hydrogen ocean”

Although it sounds incredible a “liquid metallic hydrogen ocean” looks like the best hypothesis to explain the available facts. 

Probes like Voyager and Juno have provided information about Jupiter – it´s massive, fluctuating magnetic field and spectroscopy tells us that the planet is mainly made of hydrogen.  We also know that, on earth, hydrogen is a gas without magnetic properties.  The “liquid metallic ocean” would resolve these seemingly contradictory facts. We also know Jupiter would supply temperatures and pressures far in excess of any we normally witness on earth.  Science is attempting to “obtain independent confirmation of the facts” by recreating it in the lab with some success so far.  The article quotes the sources and names the researchers and establishments involved – so can be fact checked relatively easily.

If you want to find out more about this story or the baloney detection toolkit then please come to Carl Sagan´s guide to Fake News.



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