John Mitchell: Speaker, researcher, consultant and coach

John Mitchell is an experienced public speaker and workshop facilitator.

After a long career as a senior business and IT leader having worked (and lived) in many varied geographic and commercial environments, John now devotes himself to promoting critical thinking skills and helping organizations with their decision making processes.

For 15 years, John was a senior IT Leader for DHL in supply chain working in UK, Central Europe, Middle East, Africa and Iberia. He provided a significant contribution to the growth of DHL’s business and the modernization of DHL’s IT landscape and Project processes.  Previously, John worked in IT and Finance roles in the energy, banking and IT service industries.

During his 30 years of working in finance, energy, technology and supply chain sectors John made large number of decisions concerning business and technology investments, as well as many, many contracts. Most of these worked out, but some didn’t. John knows that you should learn from all your decisions, whether they work out or not.

John has an MBA from the University of Surrey.


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